Beyuna 2 Day College September 2020

On September 25 & 26, 2020, the Beyuna 2 Day College will take place at the Van der Valk hotel in Apeldoorn. On Friday evening 27 March we will also be celebrating the 6th anniversary of Beyuna with a gala.

During these days:

  • Be the first to discover the latest developments within Beyuna

  • You learn the skills needed to become a professional

  • You learn how to handle the pitfalls of this business

  • The compensation plan is explained in detail

  • Learn how to work with your downline to grow your business

  • You learn from successful network marketing entrepreneurs how to build your business successfully

  • Get substantive product information

Full college 2-day ticket

The price is € 225 for distributors, partners and guests for two days of lecture including a gala on Friday evening. The two days include lunch, unlimited coffee, tea, and Beyuna Energy. The gala does not include dinner.

College 1-day ticket

The price for 1 day is € 75. This ticket is for guests only and includes lunch, unlimited coffee and tea. Exclusive gala.

6th anniversary gala on Friday evening

Do you want to take your guest or partner to the gala? Beyuna offers individual tickets for the gala on Friday evening September 25 where we will celebrate Beyuna's 6th anniversary. These tickets are € 75. The gala does not include dinner.