"Designing a world where people come first"

Our society is looking for new economic models and business concepts. Because the world is currently resetting. Every day we read about the effects of automation and robotization. Or about line management that is already being discarded by companies.

45% to 55% of current jobs will not exist in 10 to 15 years time. Look at the loss of jobs in healthcare. Over 34,000 jobs for the first time in decades. 140 million full-time jobs of knowledge workers are being replaced by advanced algorithms. Computer models that will replace knowledge work.

What's happening to our world?

A new economic world is being created at an accelerated pace, in which existing jobs are declining. And this affects the spirit of people. They realize that financial stability based on a permanent employment contract and social achievements is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There is a realization that one has to find a new path. A path that has to lead to financial independence. The generation of more income from your own skills. Not surprisingly, the term ‘additional income' is the most searched term on Google.

I also hear it in discussions at various locations in different countries. There are many uncertainties and we are all looking for new prospects for the future. Certainly younger generations are open to an alternative approach to the creation and development of their income. Where own responsibility is no longer a negative concept. Look at Asia, where own entrepreneurship flourishes. They don’t have the facilities that are available in Western Europe. People there are looking for autonomy. Their reasons are very authentic. A clear philosophy: after all, if your finances are organized then you are autonomous in everything. Being free and independent in day-to-day activities.

I fervently believe in this principle and let's be realistic; there is also no other way.

Come down from the ivory tower, welcome to the new world of opportunities

Our society is looking for a new hierarchy that is not solely determined by the capital. However, not all institutions have realized this as yet. There is still too little movement. According to the media the economy is getting better. But in fact, the current system is breaking down on all sides. Do you still believe in the future of our current economic model? And does this provide enough perspective for you?

Why can’t you find a place in the new economy, with your own original perspective, in which you make the most of the potential of the new world? Or as Steve Jobs once said, "have the courage to follow your heart and intuition". And we all know how big Apple became.

Because you are in charge of steering your career in a positive direction. Today and tomorrow. Re-invent yourself from the potential and curiosity of a startup. Get your drive back in your life because you are doing what you enjoy! That is the philosophy of "designing a world where people come first".

A motto where I envisage a society in which people work together with other people from the basis of their own "independent" autonomy. In which you play the lead role! Convince yourself and start working with other people today. Feel the power of human connection! Because if you do work you care about, you will always do more and perform better. Create your own new startup and give your all.

I emphatically believe in a career in which the future is centered around growing together with other people on the basis of trust. Everyday, I feel that people are up for this new challenge. To continue to grow from a better balance.

Take on the philosophy of the new generation of companies

Within 5 years, I predict that the "new world" will prevail. The traditional way of doing business will disappear. Where a business is formed with its own employees and given a legal framework, and then charge customers for access to scarce product. This mechanism will no longer work.

The world is taken over by a generation of companies that facilitate information technology to provide people with other income or additional income. To enable them to start their own business. With superior products. They allow you to achieve a financial base. From technology, the internet and the personal connection between people. This forms the basis from which you, like other people, can give a new dimension to your own financial autonomy.

The current world provides these possibilities. Affiliation is the future. It really is the engine of change in all sectors and professions. Setting people in motion from a balanced earnings model. Based on involvement and potential, develop your own talents in order to make progress. Grow as a human being in consciousness and happiness. After all, it’s about the well-being of all of us.

That's my motivation. A clear choice for an inspirational future image. Working on something big, from the basis of "designing a world where people come first".