A healthy financial future?

A healthy financial future? It can happen faster than you might think!

For some, a healthy financial future means that one doesn’t have to worry about current and future income and expenses. For many people this is the ultimate state because it means they are able to overcome any unexpected financial downturns. But let's consider the situation in the world where millions of people are worrying about their future. People who, despite having worked hard over a lifetime, have little or no financial buffers. And who also don’t know whether they will receive a stable pension.

Everyone can learn to be an entrepreneur, but not everyone is open to this.

What would happen if you decide to be an entrepreneur in a new way, where the company works for you. In traditional business, you are an employee in your own business. You exchange your working hours for money. When you are no longer able to work your income comes to an end.

What then? Where will your income come from? If you are currently accruing a pension, this will stop. The average entrepreneur does not earn enough to put aside for retirement. Even if you have accrued a pension you are still dependent on the rules of a pension fund, which is generally not an ideal situation because you don’t have any influence on it.

An example of this is: you are required to continue working until you are 67 years old. You will be working longer, paying more and will eventually receive less. If you die before your 67th year, your pension capital mortality profit will accrue to the pension fund/insurer.

If you want to be a traditional entrepreneur, the banks expect you to have your own startup capital and to also be able to finance your own income. Starting your own business in this way is not for everyone. The startup costs for starting your own business are very high. For instance, purchasing stocks, pre-financing staff costs, renting business premises, etc.

As an independent physiotherapist, I was in this situation and committed to a location, a lot of staff, very high startup costs, while ultimately the government and health insurers still determined how many hours I could work, how many clients I could treat, how I should treat them and what hourly rate I should charge. I decided I could approach this smarter and scheduled a few hours per week in order to start another company. Beyuna originated from this company.

How does Beyuna work?

Everyone can start their own business at Beyuna. You immediately have a complete website with a Cloud Office that keeps track of your administration. You will receive products to use and to sample. Beyuna offers you standardized training and all tools, such as folders and a app, etc.

• Beyuna manages the stock that you don’t have to buy and develops the products based on market demand.

• When your sales increase, your costs do not increase as they do with a traditional company.

• Beyuna can deliver products directly to your customers on your behalf. This also means that debt management is taken out of your hands.

• Amazon.com is a good example of this. When purchasing a washing machine, Amazon.com will ship it to you via the manufacturer.

• You receive a direct income from these transactions.

• This allows you to work independent of location: the only thing that matters is that you have a computer!

It is obvious that when you have a lot of customers, there are more people at work at Beyuna. This means that you do not exchange your hours for money.

Your customers can do the same! Mouth-to-mouth advertising is still the best advertising. By talking about your experiences you are currently putting this into practice on a daily basis, which creates a network of users. LinkedIn is a good example of this, as is WhatsApp.  Have you ever seen advertisements for them? Isn’t it nice that Beyuna is paying you for this behavior?

In this way, you develop passive income in addition to direct income, which is called royalties. This income is your retirement and can also be inherited.

Paul Gebbink, founder Beyuna