Financial autonomy based on social entrepreneurship

Our economy is reviving itself at a rapid rate. However, not all institutions have realized this as yet. There is still too little movement. According to the media, the economy is getting better. But, in fact, we are in a repeating spiral. Debt remains high, disproportionate bonuses persist and old-style retailers are folding.

The new generation is actively looking for additional income

We are currently not yet able to get existing dogmas out of our system. It is precisely current politics where there is still a lack of future vision about how our society is experiencing significant changes.

As a consumer, we are specifically looking for a structural solution to achieve a more stable financial situation. Now but especially for the future. Creating your own or additional income from your own potential and network. This is precisely because people are looking for additional income by making their own products and services available from their network.

In the coming years, the combination of existing income and residual income will therefore form an answer to the current economic uncertainty. A healthy financial future with a residual income from royalties. This income will continue long into the future and also for subsequent generations. And Beyuna also offers an attractive solution for this.

As with the growing sharing economy, our network model makes the difference with a high-quality product and a digital affiliate platform.

The success of new economic earnings models such as Uber, AirBnb and SnappCar proves that this new trend is here to stay. Because it is precisely the possibility of additional income that makes these models so attractive to consumers.

The resemblance to Uber is clear

Uber is the exponent of a company that doesn’t have any assets (cars), but brokers superior transport services. High-quality information technology to bring supplier and customer together. Beyuna has no outlets but instead provides a networking concept to bring together supplier and customer and optimally organize this using information technology and a digital platform.

In our model we assume the principle of balanced earnings and income. Beyuna's essence is that participants benefit from the success of the product they distribute themselves on the market.

There is also a parallel to the current success of Alibaba. This international success can also be explained because revenues flow back to distributors via the platform. It must be obvious. There is no way back. The new network concepts will play a structural role in the revival of the global economy.

Balanced win-win situation

Our model can only benefit enthusiastic users of Beyuna nutritional supplements. There is no clearer formula than "try it before you buy it". Sampling only works if your product is good enough. It is fair and transparent as well as being based on an iron-clad formula.

If the Beyuna products do not deliver the promised result, then they won’t be purchased any longer. It is a fully balanced win-win situation. Distributors are convinced of the effect of Beyuna products and this motivates them to accrue additional income. They use the products themselves and sample them in their network. They set clear goals based on their enthusiasm.