Social networks as global distribution systems

The vision and mission surrounding our claim "Future in Control" is the beacon on the horizon for the goals we want to realize. We can’t and don’t want to realize our growth ambitions from a traditional business model. On the contrary: we strongly believe in a network concept in which social business and autonomous financial growth are focal points.

This advanced business network model, together with high-quality products, forms the basis of our goal to become the global authority in the market for preventive healthy living. Our business model addresses our rapidly changing society in which consumers work more from their own entrepreneurship. Precisely because we believe in the power of a new kind of internal economy. A model in which our superior products are shared with each other through an open community. Where entrepreneurship is rewarded on the basis of a fair earnings model for users and customers of high-quality products.

New network model and targeted knowledge transfer

Knowledge about the effects of our products cannot be communicated to the consumer without personalized information. A network model provides the answer for sharing our superior products through an open community. Because this is the power of a new internal economy and we are responding with a distribution system that deviates fundamentally from current models.

In our network model, a positive experience about the outcome of the use of supplements is shared. This knowledge transfer motivates new users because they become familiar with the results of our products for a healthier life. The leverage effect of positive findings encourages people to lead a healthier life which benefits society.

The digital platform forms the beating heart of our social distribution network that connects existing users with new users. This is the new economic network model that we support at Beyuna.

Affiliate is and will be the future

Affiliate is and will be the future This is our view of the strength of the financial model for our networking concept. Unlike traditional business models, income is equitably distributed in our distribution network. Our network concept is aimed at combining forces and sharing knowledge.

Not through A to B and then to C, but together with A, B, and C towards the final goal. Where the potential for financial autonomy is a powerful driving force. Beyuna provides a high-quality service level which optimizes the possibilities provided by the Internet.