Testimonial Devin

My name is Devin Westerhoff and I am 19 years old. I started Beyuna because of the opportunities and potential that I see in this company.

From January 27 to February 17, I traveled to America to pioneer Beyuna's business concept. In my journey, I was looking for both customers and distributors for Beyuna's products and business model. I stayed in Apple Valley, California, which was 2.5 hours from the city of Los Angeles.

In the first week of my stay I focused on the first steps needed for the project such as creating business cards, ordering American products and mentioning my project on my social media platforms. In the second week, I focused on approaching cold prospects for both new customers and new distributors. I was looking for these cold prospects in the cities of San Bernadino and Los Angeles. Here I entered pharmacies, weight loss clinics and physical practices where I introduced the company or products through an elevator pitch. The last week I used for 1: 1 and online conversations with potential distributors and customers.

After my stay in America and back in the Netherlands, I have been doing online follow-ups. I keep in touch with both the regular customers that I have collected and the potential distributors through online meetings.

I will hopefully fly back to America soon to further expand my first steps for Beyuna. In my next visit I will organize an opportunity meeting to make connections and expand my downline with a strong team of pioneers.

During my stay I learned that the concept of Beyuna is only in the starting blocks, especially in America. Also, the high-quality products of Beyuna cannot be compared with the supplements full of fillers that are sold there.

The country is so big and has so many possibilities which only motivates me more.

Of course I can't wait for the next visit to achieve my goals with Beyuna!