Testimonial Dionne

I am Dionne Sloot, a fanatical athlete and I have almost completed my education as a physiotherapist. My academic career is still ongoing, because I'm still going to complete a masters in biomedical science after that. I am very interested in how the body works. I also like to help people with their physical problems. I see these characteristics reflected in the physiotherapy profession.

After all, everyone must be given the opportunity to fully recover from their complaints and be able to move easily again. Now that I have become acquainted with Beyuna, this fits perfectly in this profile. I have become very enthusiastic about the products and the positive experiences of everyone. This is what motivated me to get started. Setting up my own business has proved to be a huge challenge.

What I have experienced these last few months is positivity and helpfulness within the company. Everyone is open to my questions, and I always get a warm welcome.

The cooperation within our circle is also invaluable to me. It’s a massive motivation to work in a dynamic team.

Since my time in college, I have become even more inspired to expand my knowledge in order to give people optimal support, among other things, because of Karen Koning van Winclove’s story about the importance of keeping your intestinal flora in balance, and the positive effects this has on your health.

Finally, I attach great importance to self-reliance. You also find this in physiotherapy. As soon as people come to me with a complaint, my goal is to restore them to as much independence as possible. This is also reflected in the Beyuna concept - the power of independence.

I hope to build a bright future and inspire everyone to take this step as well.