Testimonial: Joost & Liz

We are Liz Boers-Maynard (55 years old) and Joost Boers (54). We have been active with the company since the foundation of Beyuna. Liz has a background in the financial world and is still active in this field. Because she grew up on a farm, she sees the effect of food on animals. Joost has a background in various media. As a result, he saw the potential of online and international entrepreneurship - and how much work it is to maintain a website yourself. That is work that Beyuna takes off our hands, so that we can focus on what we like: working with people.

We started with Beyuna because we always wanted to have our own company and build something together with it. We were also looking for an income that we could build alongside our work. This turned out to be a good decision for Joost when he was once declared 'too expensive' by this employer. And to the future: we trust the income with Beyuna more than a pension pot. That often means 'more time, less money'. A bad combination that we like to turn around. Living well also means having the means to do so and that you can share that with the people around you.

Our parents and family also benefit greatly from Beyuna and their health has improved. Although we didn't see Liz's parents for two years, they looked younger and better. You wouldn't expect that in these times. Then we can also take them with us on our journey in life with many activities that are dear to us and the people around us.

Beyuna has given us the opportunity to improve our health enormously with top products. The Beyuna products are the Rolls-Royce in the field of supplements. They have been developed in such a way that they are at the forefront of the market. In addition, the business model stands out above other network marketing models. We experience great added value in the Beyuna community: the Academy, the collaboration with colleagues - both in our own team and in the region and even internationally. Think of the presentations we give in Het Gooi, and online for English-speaking colleagues. We now have business partners in our team that we did not know at all a few years ago and we see them growing. In addition, the feeling of being close to the owners and the professional staff of Beyuna, for example, the collaboration during the English-language presentations that Liz gives with other colleagues.

We also appreciate that bond with the great events that Beyuna organizes. Always a warm reunion with an exchange of knowledge that exists within the entire community. And of course, the incentives that we have often experienced in the meantime. From helicopter flights via dinners to a day racing at Zandvoort or mastering the car well - they create special bond. The awards for our turnover and income were very special as well. And that of course also with our team and all colleagues who also challenge us and bring us new ideas!

For us, the future means a lot of lifestyle and creating a large local, regional group with 250 people who will earn an extra €3.000. We find it extremely important to promote that lifestyle: health, exercise and entrepreneurship with people who are close to you. This applies to both The Netherlands, but we certainly want to bring it to England as well - after all, that is Liz's 'home base'. The 'Team UK' we are now working with will certainly grow! We can then simultaneously choose how we shape our lives: living, traveling, and working internationally and in three to five years we choose which activities we want to undertake. You can call this independence; autonomy and it provides a future-proof basis.