Testimonial Josephien

It has already been a year since I took the first steps in the Beyuna Academy. How fast that time went. And also ... all the new developments. Very cool! Never regret that I was part of it from the beginning.

I come from an entrepreneurial family. Despite that, I could still use a lesson in learning to do business. And certainly learning to do business in network marketing, that is something that you really cannot just roll out to become successful. That is why I am so incredibly happy that Beyuna offers this form of support.

Support from and collaboration with your colleagues at the Academy is also priceless. They help you look at new possibilities.

What I learned at the Academy:

  • create a business plan in a simple way

  • set goals and make them concrete in actions

  • practice with your pitch

  • learn to present

  • deepening of the compensationplan, so that you can properly explain that to the outside world

  • communication lessons: how to deal with your prospects

  • learn to apply structure: for example, the maintenance of your digital funnel and to be supported in it by your buddy

  • and then those informative seminars! I have an orthomolecular nutritional background, but every seminar I learn something new.

In short, a must for every Business Partner who, just like me, wants to make it a success.