Testimonial Naomi

Testimonial: Naomi Harris

"Hi Everyone! I'm Naomi Harris, 28 years old and I work as a physiotherapist in the southern region of the Netherlands. A healthy lifestyle has always been a kind of common thread through my life. From my top sport years then to my daily work now. After 4 years of studying and a few months of work, I thought I was ready to put down a good treatment with results, unfortunately I soon found out that I did not have enough tools to achieve the results I dreamed of. That what I did felt one-sided and incomplete. From then on I started looking for a practice that did something to distinguish itself and happily I found it. At first it seemed a bit vague, but I soon discovered that this way gave so much more insight into treatment and cause of the complaints. That the success of thinking in this way could no longer be denied. Finally I had the tools to complete the treatment with a satisfied feeling! A few years later, the cases became more complex and I noticed that I needed even more knowledge. The more complex cases were, mainly people with multiple diagnoses and chronically ill people. Who were looking for a fresh look / or therapists who looked from a different angle. I got stuck when a very special friend of mine needed my help. I didn't get any further and came to the conclusion that you never stop learning. She eventually moved to Goes and met someone who worked with Beyuna. It was curious to see how much this benefited her. We started talking about this, but because I am so stubborn and not immediately convinced, she invited me to participate in the “Know what you eat” meeting. Here I recognized many of the problems that were already familiar to me and we found some common ground. By then doing some research on Google and reading the book “supplements under the microscope”, I came to the conclusion that I had overlooked something. Beyuna's products matched my vision of health perfectly. By slowly integrating it and testing it with different people/cases. I noticed that I achieved results even faster and that people were enthusiastic about my way of treatment and advice. I started as Mercury but grew to Jupiter within 2.5 months because everything went almost by itself. The success that I have achieved so far and the gratitude I now get from people is worth a lot to me. It's the reason why I like my job. Therefore Beyuna fits perfectly with my job. Besides the fact that they are top products, there are also only hardworking and enthusiastic people who have a heart for Health!

Kind regards,
Naomi Harris"