What Beyuna means for a healthy life!

Beyuna plays an important role in helping consumers in their efforts to live a healthy life and to age well.

Beyuna creates optimal awareness of consumer health. We also like to educate people about what is promoted as so-called healthy food, is not always true.

Our view on preventive health:

Based on our mission, we give a new dimension to healthy living. Beyuna’s nutritional supplements provide the human body with precisely those additional nutrients that contribute to a healthy life.

For prevention to take place, we believe that people need to be aware that ingesting ordinary food is no longer fully adequate for a healthy life. People in developed countries do not eat optimally because the average consumer does not get enough nutrients.

Although we, as consumers, think we eat healthily, we don’t. We are simply lacking too many essential nutrients for a structurally healthy life. This means that all body cells need extra nutrients to function optimally.

Lack of building blocks:

Vitamins should occur naturally in our diet; our bodies do not make them or make those we do make (D and K) in an insufficient amount.
Food consists of a mixture of Macronutrients, like proteins (to build muscle, skin, hair, etc.), carbohydrates (energy carriers, cell fuel) and fats (energy reserves). The Macronutrients occur in large quantities.

Micronutrients are absorbed in small amounts (less than 1 gram per person per day). Those micronutrients are building blocks the body cells need. The danger of a shortage of these building blocks is underestimated by the regular health authorities.

Beyuna follows the doctrine of orthomolecular medicine, which focuses on nutrients that the body can use and process without damage.

What are the optimal levels of these micronutrients that your body should contain? Reality is that we as consumers contain levels that are much too low. Beyuna wants to update awareness about this health issue.

Our goal is to create increased social awareness about healthy eating through the doctrine of orthomolecular medicine.

Contribution to the process of awareness among consumers

Most people are not asking themselves what real health means. It is precisely through this awareness process that Beyuna wants to make a structural contribution to health and well-being.

There are great new developments in the field of healthy nutrition, gaining new insights from international research as well as from technological developments. This has profound consequences for communicating proper guidelines for healthy nutrition and the effects on individual health.

Beyuna plays a leading role with regard to the proper nutritional supplements in addition to a regular diet. We think that regular communication about nutrition is not yet sufficiently advanced to handle current developments and that this will not solve by itself.

At Beyuna, we want to offer people options for a proper diet leading to a healthy lifestyle. Our products have been developed to provide the necessary supplements for body cells to be optimally healthy.